The tale of the Jersey Mummy has all the hallmarks of a traditional “mummy” story, including an expedition, a possible curse… and an undignified end for the remains that had been so carefully preserved several thousand years ago. Nonetheless, the curiosity, brought to the island from Egypt, proved an interesting exhibit for some years in a local museum.

May was also the month in which the Princess Royal visited Jersey to open the new visitor centre at the zoo, and Jersey hosted the very first Grand Prix race to be held after the end of the Second World War. The event saw many competitors crashing out, but brought an impressive line-up of cars to the island, and some fast-paced action to the roads of St Aubin’s Bay.

A Jersey-born man became a mayor in Ohio, and a Jersey-born actor landed one of the biggest roles in cinema when Henry Cavill was cast as the Man of Steel, Superman.

In curious news, a mix up over where a wedding had taken place meant the ceremony had to be held for a second time, Lillie Langtry began her affair with the Prince of Wales, and a man was heavily fined… for swearing.


Also in May…

France fails to invade Jersey 1st
Jersey prisoners’ liberation revealed by the Foreign Office 2nd
An Occupation escape attempt goes wrong 3rd
Princess Royal opens Zoo’s visitor centre
Jersey court fines man three months’ pay for swearing 4th
Measles outbreak at the boys’ home
The Occupation Tapestry is completed
Superman is born in Jersey 5th
Snow Hill railway station opens 6th
Newspaper plane crashes at Jersey Airport
Jersey historian Philip Falle dies 7th
US mayor John Bailhache is born in Jersey 8th
Jersey hosts UK’s first post-war Grand Prix
The Channel Islands are liberated 9th
Murdered Zsuzsanna Basenyei last seen alive 10th
Daniel Brevint, Dean of Lincoln, is born in Jersey 11th
Discovery of The Jersey Mummy 12th
Traffic returns to the “right” side of the road 13th
Feminist and journalist Rosie Boycott is born
Captain is suspended after Condor collision 14th
Channel Television fights for the right to continue broadcasting 15th
Jersey Royal potato company is taken over 16th
A new type of aircraft debuts on Jersey route 17th
Jersey’s last ever death sentence is passed
A ship’s captain broke the law… or did he? 18th
Potato diggers start work but end up in court
A marriage mix-up means marrying twice 19th
King of the Ecrehous is admitted to hospital 20th
Disco doorman is sentenced to death for murder 21st
A waiter is arrested for theft
Jersey’s open-air swimming pool opens 22nd
Methodist minister Jean de Quetteville is born
The Queen gives Jersey ownership of its beaches
Plane scrapes the runway at Jersey Airport 23rd
The Co-operative movement is born in Jersey
Lillie Langtry and the Prince of Wales begin their affair 24th
Victoria College’s foundation stone is laid
Jersey’s British and French populations riot 25th
Arson is suspected in a long-running marital dispute 26th
St Brelade’s Church is consecrated 27th
Father commits suicide by slashing his own throat 28th
Corbiere’s assistant lighthouse keeper drowns
A jilted lover shoots his bride to be (or was she his wife?) 29th
The Queen Mother names a new lifeboat 30th
The 95th Regiment of Foot is disbanded 31st
Multi-engined aircraft start flying into Jersey