6th May 1874

Snow Hill railway station opens

St Helier once had two railway stations as the two companies running trains on the island – one to the east and one to the west – never managed to complete the connection between their respective lines. Had they done so it would have allowed passengers to travel from one end of the island to the other.

An incomplete line

Snow Hill station was the terminus of the Jersey Eastern Railway, whose services should have extended as far as St Catherine, but never got beyond Gorey. The station had just one platform and a ticket office, but that was all it needed to be able to sell tickets from the capital of Jersey as far as the capital of France, including the ferry from Gorey and the train from Carteret. 

Situated below Fort Regent, Snow Hill was demolished in 1932 and the land re-used as a bus station, with Jersey Eastern Railway having gone into liquidation three years earlier. The bus station moved to Weybridge in 1964, which had been the site of St Helier’s second station, so the Snow Hill site could again be repurposed. In 1970 it became the downhill terminus of the cable car that served the leisure centre at Fort Regent. Since the cable car’s closure, the site has been used as a car park.


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