28th May 1946

Corbiere’s assistant lighthouse keeper drowns

Corbiere lighthouse is cut off at high tide, and it’s easy to be caught out if you don’t keep watch. That’s what happened to a pair of English visitors on 28 May 1946. One of them made it safely to the shore, but his wife didn’t, and assistant keeper Peter Edwin Larbalestier set out to rescue her.

Despite knowing what the sea can be like there, Larbalestier was washed away, along with the unfortunate woman, and they were both drowned.

A plaque was erected in his honour close to the lighthouse, “In memory of Peter Edwin Larbalestier, assistant keeper at Corbiere Lighthouse who, on 28th May 1946, gave his life in attempting to rescue a visitor cut off by the incoming tide. Take heed all ye who pass by”.

Larbalestier was 34 years old when he died. His grave is in the yard of St Brelade’s parish church.


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