31st May 1783

The 95th Regiment of Foot is disbanded

The 95th Regiment of Foot was founded on 23 July 1779 when France entered the American War of Independence on America’s side. This left Britain feeling vulnerable to invasion, and considering how it could bolster its defences. The 95th was raised by John Reid, a British army general who was also the founder of the chair of music at the University of Edinburgh, where Reid had been educated. Reid was colonel of the 95th Regiment of Foot from 7 April 1780 until its abolition, and he remained active in the military until his death in 1807.

Ultimately, France didn’t invade the British mainland but, like Germany 150 years later, it did invade Jersey. That invasion, which occurred in 1781, came to be known as the Battle of Jersey and it was fought in part by the 95th Regiment of Foot.


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