Jersey was ahead of the curve when, in 1909, it was bitten by the roller skating bug, and locals spent their evenings getting sweaty on the rink. It was such a craze that even the local police, who had been sent to keep order, soon found themselves joining in. In other outlandish news, November was also the month when the States of Jersey made it illegal for anyone to own or detonate a nuclear weapon on the island.

Two prominent spies with Jersey connections were born in November. Naval officer Philippe d’Auvergne, who spent much of his life making trouble for France, was adopted by a Frenchman in his adulthood so that he could inherit his adopted father’s fortune. Later, during the Second World War, Eddie Chapman found himself imprisoned in Jersey at the start of the Occupation. He offered his services as a spy for Germany but, on being parachuted into England, he immediately reported what he was doing to British authorities and turned against his German handlers. His double-crossing earned him the nickname Agent ZigZag.

Construction of the original Fort Regent began in this month, Jersey’s south coast was designated a Ramsar Wetland, and Jersey sent its first entrant to Miss World.

A serious spill at the power station coincided with emergency services running a training operation at the site. Corrosive acid, which was leaking from a storage vat, was so strong that it destroyed several pumps and damaged the protective clothing worn by the clean-up team.


Also in November…

Jersey’s Occupation peer dies 1st
Lifeboat men awarded Norwegian medals 2nd
Tarka the Otter released in cinemas
Liberty Wharf shopping centre opens
Islander makes and emergency landing 3rd
Jersey college principal is killed 4th
The Jersey Airport disaster
Jersey gets the roller-skating bug 5th
Jersey concentration camp prisoner Gordon Prigent is born
Men on trial for Jersey Airways scam 6th
Fort Regent construction work begins 7th
Ralph Vibert is born
Drunk woman is banished from Jersey 8th
Ian Hislop’s Jersey connection revealed 9th
MP worries about Jersey’s butter consumption 10th
The States votes to flood Queen’s Valley
Jersey coast is designated a Ramsar wetland
Emeraude Ferries rescue attempt falters 11th
Deputy moots congestion charge for Jersey 12th
Spy Philippe d’Auvergne is born in Jersey 13th
The States makes it illegal for anyone in Jersey to own a nuclear weapon 14th
Navy gunship is grounded off Jersey coast 15th
Agent ZigZag is born 16th
Jersey-set film Danger Route opens
Bailiff Cecil Stanley Harrison is born 17th
France opens controversial Jersey consul 18th
Jersey and Guernsey decide to merge lotteries 19th
Poet and bailiff Robert Pipon Marett is born 20th
Fire service cleans up corrosive spill at the power station 21st
Jersey sends its first contestant to Miss World 22nd
A Jersey ketch explodes in Bristol
Jersey’s first pillar box is installed 23rd
Men receive five-year sentence for stealing apples and jam 24th
Dispute breaks out over ownership of a road
Jersey is struck by unusually low tides 25th
Edinburgh man is killed in Jersey quarry
Jersey Communist Party Deputy dies 26th
Admiral Thomas Gosselin dies in Jersey 27th
Equestrian Simon Laurens is born 28th
Jack Higgins’ Night of the Fox is broadcast
Contact 94 goes off the air 29th
Diarist and deacon Jen Chevalier dies 30th