19th November 1972

Jersey and Guernsey decide to merge lotteries

Jersey had been running its own lottery since the mid-1960s, and Guernsey for a year when they agreed to combine forces and run a single lottery across both Bailiwicks. Not only would this reduce costs; it would also allow them, in theory, to increase the prize pool.

Discussions over the merger had come about after operators within each Bailiwick observed how much of the money they could be taking was leeching into the other’s territory. Jersey had suffered a drop in income when the opening of a local lottery in Guernsey made Jersey tickets less appealing there. Guernsey, meanwhile, still wasn’t seeing the full potential of its own operation as the continued availability of Jersey tickets meant it had a direct competitor right on its doorstep.

Money for good causes

Jersey initially used the money it received from its lottery operations to fund the repurposing of Fort Regent, while Guernsey was similarly using its proceeds to underwrite the development of its own leisure centre, Beau Sejour. When the building work on Fort Regent had been completed, Jersey diverted the funds to a variety of local charities.

Although the combined lottery was agreed in principle in November 1972, the first draw of the enlarged Channel Islands Lottery didn’t take place until 1975.


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