8th November 1909

Drunk woman is banished from Jersey

When Olive Remon got drunk and broke a window at the Alexandra Bar on Regent Road, she ended up in court on a charge of “habitual intemperance”, according to a report in the Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph on the 27th of the month. She pleaded not guilty for fear of being sent back to her native France.

But several witnesses had seen her break the window and all attested to her guilt. When the Bailiff put this to her legal council, he admitted that he had nothing to say in response that might counter their claims other than the fact she had been drunk at the time. Worse, this was the fifth time that Remon had faced the court over a very short period.

Prison time, and banishment

The attorney general didn’t see that there was any point being lenient and asked that the Bailiff sentence her to 16 days in prison with hard labour. That way, the day of her release would coincide with the departure of the boat to Granville. She could be loaded onto it and sent back to France, with instructions that she was not to step foot in Jersey for another five years.

Despite the fact 35-year-old Remon hadn’t lived in France since leaving there aged one, the Bailiff agreed, and the weeping convict was transported to jail.


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