19th October 1934

Under-defended Jersey mulls conscription

Six years before it was invaded and occupied during the Second World War, Jersey’s authorities recognised that the island was dangerously under-defended.

As reported in the Belfast Telegraph, “The Jersey States Defence of Island Committee has been considering a report by a competent military authority that the island’s militia is at present ineffective. Drastic alterations are urged. It is suggested that the island should return to conscription or else pay Britain for the services of a battalion.”

Jersey had maintained its own voluntary militia since the British government stopped funding a professional force on the island in 1928.


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  • Jersey convict William Prynne dies
  • Author and lawyer William Prynne was a strict puritan who shunned Christmas and any other frivolity, including public entertainment. In 1632 he published a book running to more than 1000 pages damning stage plays and those who acted in them, claiming that they were immoral, illegal and against scripture. It backfired spectacularly as its publication, […]
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