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SS Vega reaches starving Jersey 31st December
Operation Hardtack targets the Channel Islands 28th December
Maurice Gould is deported to Europe 21st December
Police reveals theft of Jersey’s war achives 18th December
Elizabeth Castle is bombed into submission 15th December
263 Squadron bomber is shot down at St Brelade 7th December
Admiral Thomas Gosselin dies in Jersey 27th November
Agent ZigZag is born 16th November
The States makes it illegal for anyone in Jersey to own a nuclear weapon 14th November
Jersey concentration camp prisoner Gordon Prigent is born 5th November
HMS Charybdis sinks with heavy loss of life 23rd October
Hitler orders the Channel Islands’ fortification 20th October
Under-defended Jersey mulls conscription 19th October
Channel Islands’ king sails for the mainland 12th October
Occupation resister Louisa Gould is born 7th October
“Let ’em starve,” says Churchill 27th September
Jersey man gives evidence at Belsen concentration camp trial 20th September
Jersey’s military government is dissolved 25th August
Parliament commends Jersey’s wartime conduct 17th August
Divers move 70 primed bombs 16th August
Parliament debates Jersey’s treatment of prisoners of war 3rd August
Jersey bailiff who helped organise the St Malo evacuation is born 30th July
The King approves construction of defensive towers 5th July
Three French men escape to Jersey 29th June
The Royal Militia leaves Fort Regent 20th June
Demilitarisation of Jersey begins 19th June
Batterie Moltke’s namesake dies 18th June
General de Gaulle has lunch in Jersey while fleeing France 17th June
A flotilla of Jersey boats sets sail for Dunkirk 16th June
A Belgian airman is killed over Jersey 14th June
The Channel Islands are liberated 9th May
Jersey prisoners’ liberation revealed by the Foreign Office 2nd May
France fails to invade Jersey 1st May
Channel Islanders liberated from prisons across Germany 12th April
Francois Scornet is shot by occupying forces 17th March
Jerseyman is shot down in a Wellington aircraft 14th March
Occupying forces mount desperate raid on Granvillle 9th March
Jerseyman sentenced for Nazi propaganda 1st March
Jersey company plans massive nuclear shelter 23rd January
American POWs escape from a Jersey camp 8th January
French troops launch the Battle of Jersey 6th January
Alfred Bedane is awarded Israel’s highest honour for wartime bravery 4th January