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Christmas Eve plane crash at Jersey Airport 24th December
A motorist is killed on a Jersey level crossing
Jersey Airways is founded 9th December
Passenger plane springs a leak on flight to Jersey 8th December
Channel Island cargo ships collide 2nd December
Deputy moots congestion charge for Jersey 12th November
Emeraude Ferries rescue attempt falters 11th November
The first train runs on the Jersey Railway 25th October
Jersey Airport’s runway ‘moves’ 16th October
The Superb is wrecked on Minquiers 24th September
Construction of Gorey Railway begins 17th September
Jersey Airways plane crashes in a field 12th September
Jersey Airways suffers fourth mishap in 11 days 4th September
Boys are hit by a plane on Jersey beach 25th August
Plane is washed into the sea during Jersey take-off 24th August
Jersey plane makes bomb threat detour 19th August
Pilot killed in private plane crash 6th August
The wreckage of the Cloud of Iona is found 4th August
A boy is killed on the Jersey Railway 30th July
Jersey to France tunnel under discussion 14th July
Channel Island steamer hits the rocks and runs aground 8th July
A passenger plane is written off at Jersey Airport 16th June
Plane catches fire on take-off from Jersey 5th June
Multi-engined aircraft start flying into Jersey 31st May
Plane scrapes the runway at Jersey Airport 23rd May
A ship’s captain broke the law… or did he? 18th May
A new type of aircraft debuts on Jersey route 17th May
Captain is suspended after Condor collision 14th May
Traffic returns to the “right” side of the road 13th May
Jersey Airport welcomes first private plane 27th April
Condor 1 undergoes final sea trials 26th April
French catamaran, St Malo, strikes rocks 17th April
Jersey Airport crash kills 26 on a plane 14th April
Condor’s first crossing between the mainland and Channel Islands 10th April
Jersey Eastern Railway Company is registered 6th April
States votes to buy land to build Jersey Airport 3rd April
British European gobbles up Jersey Airways 1st April
The States starts dismantling Jersey Railway
States of Jersey authorises construction of the Eastern Railway 31st March
Condor Liberation enters service 27th March
Dockers’ strike impacts food supplies
Jersey Railway services restart 15th March
Jersey Airport opens for business 10th March
The tunnel is opened beneath Fort Regent 25th February
A bishop’s daughter is killed on Jersey Railway 17th February
HD Ferries confirms the end of all services 16th February
Blue Islands takes to the skies 14th February
Plane gets lost coming out of Jersey 12th February
Courts decide who owns St Aubin’s railway 6th February
Jersey Airways demands Guernsey monopoly 30th January
Channel Islands Airways is established 25th January
Death of Jersey pioneer of self-powered flight 9th January