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Finnish au pair is murdered in St Clement 31st December
John Pinel stands trial for abduction 23rd December
Old-school pornographer is sentenced to hard labour 20th December
Police reveals theft of Jersey’s war achives 18th December
An unknown man is arrested in Jersey 12th December
Victoria College headmaster tried for beating boy 5th December
Men receive five-year sentence for stealing apples and jam 24th November
Drunk woman is banished from Jersey 8th November
Men on trial for Jersey Airways scam 6th November
Jersey’s last execution takes place 9th October
Aristocrat John Hervey is arrested in Jersey 8th October
Clerk flees to Jersey with stolen fortune 4th October
A Jersey murderer is transported for life 29th September
London solicitor appears in Jersey court for non-payment of bill 28th September
Local priests campaign to declare a man insane 27th September
Jersey man dies 10 days after a fight 26th September
Jersey police chief’s son campaigns for killer’s reprieve 13th September
A young girl is stabbed to death 9th September
The Beast of Jersey loses his appeal 8th September
Soldier kills colleague with a scrubbing brush 18th August
Man held on St Helier stabbing charge 15th August
Jersey fugitive kills a man 11th August
Man sentenced to hang for murder 10th August
Nude sunbathers sentenced to eight days’ hard labour 6th August
Jersey court sentences sailor to be lashed 2nd August
A dying man confesses to murder 22nd July
Jersey Evening Post editor is tried for publishing secrets 17th July
Circumstantial evidence sends a man to the gallows 16th July
Body in a trunk inquiry moves to Jersey 9th July
Mother is banished from Jersey for being unmarried 25th June
Haut de la Garenne accepts its first boys 22nd June
Jersey is struck by two big fires 15th June
Arsonist is arrested after being burned by his own fire 10th June
Murder suspect is remanded in custody 9th June
A priest is accused of infanticide 1st June
A jilted lover shoots his bride to be (or was she his wife?) 29th May
Arson is suspected in a long-running marital dispute 26th May
Jersey’s British and French populations riot 25th May
A waiter is arrested for theft 21st May
Disco doorman is sentenced to death for murder
Jersey’s last ever death sentence is passed 17th May
Murdered Zsuzsanna Basenyei last seen alive 10th May
Jersey court fines man three months’ pay for swearing 4th May
Man denies that killing counted as murder because he was drunk 28th April
Man pleads guilty to party shooting 21st April
Jersey votes to retain the death penalty 11th April
The St Saviour wireless case show trial 9th April
Children discover a body in the sand dunes 4th April
Jersey major starts his prison sentence 28th March
Man sentenced to death for murder 26th March
Newspapers demand corporal punishment 21st March
St Helier gunman is sentenced to death 20th March
Female murderer is a court sensation 18th March
Nurse Tracy Burns is killed at First Tower 14th March
Harriet Gilbert’s starvation death is finally acknowledged 12th March
Singer and actress Alma Stanley dies in prison 8th March
Jersey and Edinburgh courts argue over inmate 7th March
Bomb hoax brings St Helier to a standstill 4th March
French woman’s first full day as a convict 2nd March
Jerseyman sentenced for Nazi propaganda 1st March
Mainlanders arrested on explosives charges 28th February
States treasurer is charged with embezzlement 27th February
Pearl Vardon is tried for aiding the enemy 26th February
Murder appeal saves man’s life but results in his transportation 22nd February
A suspected arms dealer is arrested at his father’s funeral 20th February
Women are jailed for smuggling gold in their knickers 13th February
Safe-breaking results in a Jersey arrest 4th February
Jersey beggar is sentenced to hard labour 22nd January
Octogenarian murder suspect dies after court appearance 17th January
French sailors are arrested on an extradition request 13th January
Murder jury passes guilty verdict 11th January
Missing parents are declared dead 3rd January