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Seneca sinks off the Jersey coast 27th December
Christmas Eve plane crash at Jersey Airport 24th December
A motorist is killed on a Jersey level crossing
Man dies after being shot in the buttocks 21st December
Militiaman dies after he’s thrown from his horse 13th December
Channel Island cargo ships collide 2nd December
Edinburgh man is killed in Jersey quarry 25th November
A Jersey ketch explodes in Bristol 22nd November
Fire service cleans up corrosive spill at the power station 21st November
The Jersey Airport disaster 4th November
Jersey college principal is killed
The Superb is wrecked on Minquiers 24th September
The mail packet ‘Express’ is wrecked 20th September
Men are killed by an exploding threshing machine 16th September
Jersey girl is killed by a slamming door 15th September
A labourer is killed by lightning 26th August
Funeral for a scout killed in Jersey 21st August
A passenger plane is written off at Jersey Airport 16th June
Plane catches fire on take-off from Jersey 5th June
Plane scrapes the runway at Jersey Airport 23rd May
Captain is suspended after Condor collision 14th May
Newspaper plane crashes at Jersey Airport 6th May
Race car crash kills driver and spectators 27th April
French catamaran, St Malo, strikes rocks 17th April
A crane falls into St Helier Harbour 16th April
Mystery man’s fatal fall at Fort Regent 6th March
An auctioneer is killed on his bike 5th March
Coal-filled steamer strikes the rocks 29th February
A bishop’s daughter is killed on Jersey Railway 17th February
A cargo ship sinks, killing its crew 7th February
A sailing boats sinks on its way to Jersey 3rd February
Town militia arsenal is destroyed by fire 23rd January