3rd February 1884

A sailing boats sinks on its way to Jersey

The Dewdrop, a brig with two large, square-rigged masts, was badly damaged while sailing from Turk’s Island to Jersey on 3 February 1884. Her masts snapped, she sprang a leak and sank.

Fortunately for the crew, they were rescued by a passing Norwegian schooner, the Sirglinn, which was travelling from Trinidad to London, although there was some confusion in the newspapers of the time over whether they were eventually landed in Liverpool or Gravesend on 27 February.

Either way, they made it back to the mainland, and the following year, the Sirglinn’s captain, Soren Carlsen of Christiana, was awarded a telescope by the Board of Trade for his kindness and humanity.

Turk’s Island is now part of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the northern West Indies.


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