Although Victor Hugo is more often associated with Guernsey, where he spent 15 years in exile and wrote some of his most memorable works, he had initially tried to build a new life for himself in Jersey. That all came crashing down when he was involved in the publication of criticism of the Queen, and he was forced to leave the island at the end of October.

This was also the month in which the Channel Islands’ last execution took place, and the Channel Islands’ oldest resident died – fortunately of old age. TV illusionist Derren Brown, meanwhile, diced with death when he came to Jersey to film a television special, which would see him play Russian Roulette. This was also the month during which the BBC broadcast the first episode of the drama that would put Jersey on the map for many viewers – Bergerac.

Jersey started issuing its own stamps in October, it was the month in which the first modern Jersey Marathon was run and Debussy’s La Mer, part of which was written while the composer was staying in the island, debuted. It was in October that Hitler ordered the Channel Islands’ fortification and, more curiously, Jersey Airport’s runway moved.


Also in October…

De La Salle College opens 1st
Jersey starts issuing its own stamps
Jersey mosquito trap inventor dies 2nd
Bailiff and occupation escapee Peter Crill dies 3rd
Clerk flees to Jersey with stolen fortune 4th
Painter John Le Capelain is born in St Helier 5th
Derren Brown plays Russian roulette on live TV
St Brelade actor William Tabb is born 6th
Doctor Who travels to Jersey
Occupation resister Louisa Gould is born 7th
Aristocrat John Hervey is arrested in Jersey 8th
Jersey holds its first modern marathon
Printer and publisher John Guiton is born 9th
The Channel Islands’ oldest inhabitant dies
Jersey’s last execution takes place
Fort Regent construction approved 10th
Rare Bronze Age pottery found in Trinity
Bergerac actor John Nettles is born 11th
Channel Islands’ king sails for the mainland 12th
Lillie Langtry is born 13th
The King of the Ecréhous is born 14th
Debussy’s La Mer performed for the first time 15th
Jersey rejects proposed timezone change
Jersey Airport’s runway ‘moves’ 16th
Footballer Greame Le Saux is born 17th
Thomas Waite is buried at St Saviour 18th
BBC broadcasts the first episode of Bergerac
Under-defended Jersey mulls conscription 19th
Parliamentarians land at St Ouen’s Bay 20th
Hitler orders the Channel Islands’ fortification
Car designer Ron Hickman is born 21st
Henry Seymour Conway is appointed Governor of Jersey 22nd
HMS Charybdis sinks with heavy loss of life 23rd
Jersey convict William Prynne dies 24th
Channel 103 goes on the air 25th
Canadian politician Isaac LeVesconte dies 26th
Jersey death causes confusion in Scotland
Collapsing chimney kills a girl 27th
Prolific writer George d’La Forge dies
Spanish flu arrives in Jersey 28th
Jersey governor Walter Raleigh is executed in London 29th
St Helier is ablaze
Entrepreneur Charles Robin is born 30th
Victor Hugo leaves Jersey 31st