March has been a busy month for Jersey’s courts. They ruled on the gruesome case of a French woman who set a barmaid’s clothes on fire, a bomb hoax that brought St Helier to a standstill and a girl’s death by starvation while in custody – and they also saw the Channel Islands’ first death sentence passed after the death penalty itself had been abolished.

Jersey Zoo and Jersey Airport both opened their doors for the first time during March, and Terence Alexander, the actor who played Charlie Hungerford in Bergerac, was born.

Channel Television viewers were introduced to Oscar Puffin when, in March 1963, he appeared on screens for the first time, and in cinemas the film Another Mother’s Son, telling the story of Jersey’s Louisa Gould, had its big screen premiere. St Helier­-born actress Alma Stanley, one of the biggest stars of her day, died penniless and in prison.

Mystery surrounded two deaths: that of a signalman who fell and cracked his head at Fort Regent, and of a banker who was found dead in a pirate cave. Nobody knows how the banker ended up in Jersey, but one thing was certain: he hadn’t washed up on the tide as he was too far into the cave when his body was discovered for the sea to have put him there.


Also in March…

Jerseyman sentenced for Nazi propaganda 1st
Jersey’s occupation bailiff is knighted
Jersey buys Fort Regent
French woman’s first full day as a convict 2nd
Puffin’s Pla(i)ce debuts on Channel Television 3rd
Bomb hoax brings St Helier to a standstill 4th
An auctioneer is killed on his bike 5th
Mystery man’s fatal fall at Fort Regent 6th
Social Security pioneer Cyril Le Marquand is born
Jersey and Edinburgh courts argue over inmate 7th
Singer and actress Alma Stanley dies in prison 8th
Occupying forces mount desperate raid on Granvillle 9th
Jersey Airport opens for business 10th
Queen’s Valley reservoir plans are scuppered
Jersey anthem composer is born 11th
Charlie Hungerford actor is born
Harriet Gilbert’s starvation death is finally acknowledged 12th
Sir Stephen Dalton is appointed Lieutenant Governor 13th
Jerseyman is shot down in a Wellington aircraft 14th
Nurse Tracy Burns is killed at First Tower
The States votes to build Corbière Lighthouse 15th
Jersey Railway services restart
BBC Radio Jersey takes to the air
Coup leader released from Elizabeth Castle 16th
Another Mother’s Son has its cinema première
Francois Scornet is shot by occupying forces 17th
Female murderer is a court sensation 18th
Foot and mouth arrives in Jersey
The rector of St Helier is humiliated in the States Assembly 19th
St Helier gunman is sentenced to death 20th
Newspapers demand corporal punishment 21st
Missing banker is discovered in a Jersey cave 22nd
Jersey rewrites its inheritance laws 23rd
Jersey footballers misbehave in Guernsey 24th
Publisher and ad-man Sir Hedley Le Bas dies 25th
Campaign for the governor’s arrest 26th
Jersey Zoo opens for the first time
Man sentenced to death for murder
Dockers’ strike impacts food supplies 27th
Condor Liberation enters service
Jersey major starts his prison sentence 28th
Theatre Royal and Opera House burns down 29th
Subversive designer Edmund Blampied is born 30th
States of Jersey authorises construction of the Eastern Railway 31st