11th March 1923

Charlie Hungerford actor is born

Terence Alexander played Charlie Hungerford in the BBC’s long-running Jersey-set detective series, Bergerac. His character was the father of Deborah, Jim’s ex-wife, and he and Jim had an amicable, although occasionally slightly irritable, friendship.

Although Alexander was born in London, he grew up in Yorkshire, as was obvious from his accent, which was referred to now and then in the series. He was portrayed as an incomer who had moved to the island, bringing many of his business interests with him. Not all of these interests were legitimate. As a result, Hungerford was frequently a useful source for Jim Bergerac – particularly when the latter needed information about those occupying the “upper” echelons of Jersey society. What Hungerford got in return was never entirely clear.

Not just Bergerac

Although he may be best remembered for playing Charlie Hungerford, Alexander had a long and successful career both before and beyond Bergerac. Alongside stage work, he appeared as an occasional character in many of television’s biggest series of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, including The Avengers, The Persuaders, Doctor Who, Dempsey and Makepeace, The New Statesman, and character-led sitcom Terry and June.

He was blind in one eye by the time he’d landed his role in Bergerac, and retired from the profession altogether a few years after it came to an end. He died in London on 28 May 2009.


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