April has been a busy month at Jersey Airport. A stewardess was the only survivor of a crash that tore her plane in half and killed 26 passengers and crew; Jersey Airways disappeared when the government forcibly nationalised every airline under the British European brand; the States voted to buy the land on which the airport would eventually be built; and a plane flying from Jersey to the mainland swooped low over a stranded yacht to help its passengers.

On the seas, a steamer was sunk at Noir Montaise, bad weather marooned a group of Jersey fishermen on Minquiers, the light at Corbiere was lit for the first time, and Condor had two firsts: its first crossing from the mainland to the Channel Islands, and bringing its first hydrofoil into service, which dramatically cut journey times.

It was also the month in which The Durrells, telling the story of the Jersey Zoo founder’s childhood in Corfu first aired on ITV, the National Trust for Jersey was founded, and the Royal Amphitheatre opened in Gloucester Street. The Amphitheatre was just one of several incarnations of a Jersey entertainment venue that was lost to fire over the years.

Although Jersey voted to retain the death penalty, it did take a tentative step towards a more equitable future when it debated giving women the vote, and Channel Islanders in Germany’s wartime prisons were liberated by advancing troops.


Also in April…

Historian George Balleine is born 1st
The States starts dismantling Jersey Railway
British European gobbles up Jersey Airways
Stranded fishermen are found on Minquiers 2nd
Civil partnerships are legalised
States votes to buy land to build Jersey Airport 3rd
The Durrells debuts on ITV
Major Moses Corbet is appointed Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 4th
Children discover a body in the sand dunes
Jersey Electricity Company is established 5th
Jersey Eastern Railway Company is registered 6th
An attempted elopement fails 7th
Occupation prisoner Paul Desire Gourdan is born 8th
The St Saviour wireless case show trial 9th
Draft law introduced to give women the vote 10th
Condor’s first crossing between the mainland and Channel Islands
Jersey votes to retain the death penalty 11th
Channel Islanders liberated from prisons across Germany 12th
The National Trust for Jersey is formed 13th
The death of a very wealthy shipping baron 14th
Jersey Airport crash kills 26 on a plane
Ship sinks after crew gets drunk 15th
Great Western steamer sinks at Noir Montaise 16th
First Jersey Royals are exported to London
A crane falls into St Helier Harbour
Royal Amphitheatre opens in Gloucester Street 17th
French catamaran, St Malo, strikes rocks
Bullet dug out of barman after shooting 18th
Man tried on priest porn charges 19th
Inquiry opens into naked, burned motorist 20th
Man pleads guilty to party shooting 21st
German staff wrongly dismissed during First World War 22nd
Pilot helps yacht in distress
Jersey tries to abolish church pews sale 23rd
Corbière lighthouse is lit for the first time 24th
Jersey benefactor Thomas Davis is born 25th
Condor 1 undergoes final sea trials 26th
First Muratti held at Springfield Stadium 27th
Jersey Airport welcomes first private plane
Race car crash kills driver and spectators
Man denies that killing counted as murder because he was drunk 28th
Plans revealed for bridge to France
Law heralds creation of wartime currency 29th
Jersey chooses a new anthem 30th