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Elizabeth Castle is bombed into submission 15th December
Diarist and deacon Jen Chevalier dies 30th November
Victor Hugo leaves Jersey 31st October
Jersey governor Walter Raleigh is executed in London 29th October
Jersey convict William Prynne dies 24th October
Parliamentarians land at St Ouen’s Bay 20th October
Thomas Waite is buried at St Saviour 18th October
Lillie Langtry is born 13th October
Channel Islands’ king sails for the mainland 12th October
King killer Gilbert Millington dies at Mont Orgueil 19th September
Queen Victoria visits Jersey 2nd September
Queen Elizabeth II visits Jersey 25th July
The Prince of Wales visits Jersey to open Howard Hall 23rd July
Prince Charles and Camilla visit Jersey 18th July
King George V visits Jersey 12th July
Queen Elizabeth II gifts Elizabeth Castle and Mont Orgueil to Jersey 6th July
The King approves construction of defensive towers 5th July
Queen Elizabeth II visits Jersey… again 27th June
Princess Margaret visits Jersey 25th June
Jersey sides with England, rather than France 24th June
Princess Elizabeth visits Jersey 22nd June
The king and queen’s liberation visit 7th June
Jersey issues £100 notes 1st June
The Queen Mother names a new lifeboat 30th May
Lillie Langtry and the Prince of Wales begin their affair 24th May
The Queen gives Jersey ownership of its beaches 22nd May
Coup leader released from Elizabeth Castle 16th March
Man convicted of killing Charles I dies in Elizabeth Castle 17th February
Charles II is declared king in Royal Square
Dean of Jersey killed in Mont Orgueil escape attempt 11th February
King’s saviour George Carteret dies 18th January