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Seneca sinks off the Jersey coast 27th December
Lifeboat rescues crew after mine strike 15th December
Jersey lifeboat crew performs a daring rescue 14th December
Channel Island cargo ships collide 2nd December
Admiral Thomas Gosselin dies in Jersey 27th November
Jersey is struck by unusually low tides 25th November
A Jersey ketch explodes in Bristol 22nd November
Navy gunship is grounded off Jersey coast 15th November
Spy Philippe d’Auvergne is born in Jersey 13th November
Emeraude Ferries rescue attempt falters 11th November
Jersey coast is designated a Ramsar wetland 10th November
Lifeboat men awarded Norwegian medals 2nd November
Entrepreneur Charles Robin is born 30th October
The Superb is wrecked on Minquiers 24th September
The mail packet ‘Express’ is wrecked 20th September
Jersey lifeboat crew rescues stricken yacht 18th September
Medals for a brave lifeboat crew 13th September
Jersey lifeboat rescues a French yacht 3rd September
Work begins on St Helier harbour 27th August
The British government offers St Catherine’s Breakwater to Jersey 28th July
Channel Island steamer hits the rocks and runs aground 8th July
A flotilla of Jersey boats sets sail for Dunkirk 16th June
The Queen Mother names a new lifeboat 30th May
A ship’s captain broke the law… or did he? 18th May
Captain is suspended after Condor collision 14th May
Condor 1 undergoes final sea trials 26th April
Corbière lighthouse is lit for the first time 24th April
Pilot helps yacht in distress 22nd April
A crane falls into St Helier Harbour 16th April
Great Western steamer sinks at Noir Montaise
Ship sinks after crew gets drunk 15th April
Condor’s first crossing between the mainland and Channel Islands 10th April
Stranded fishermen are found on Minquiers 2nd April
Condor Liberation enters service 27th March
The States votes to build Corbière Lighthouse 15th March
Coal-filled steamer strikes the rocks 29th February
HD Ferries confirms the end of all services 16th February
A cargo ship sinks, killing its crew 7th February
Fishermen discover an unexpected coffin 5th February