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John Pinel stands trial for abduction 23rd December
Poet and jurat Augustus Asplet Le Gros dies 3rd December
Dispute breaks out over ownership of a road 24th November
Bailiff Cecil Stanley Harrison is born 17th November
The States makes it illegal for anyone in Jersey to own a nuclear weapon 14th November
Ralph Vibert is born 7th November
Jersey governor Walter Raleigh is executed in London 29th October
Jersey death causes confusion in Scotland 26th October
Henry Seymour Conway is appointed Governor of Jersey 22nd October
Thomas Waite is buried at St Saviour 18th October
Bailiff and occupation escapee Peter Crill dies 3rd October
London solicitor appears in Jersey court for non-payment of bill 28th September
Jersey man in court accused of bigamy 28th August
Jersey men are permitted to marry their dead wives’ sisters 24th August
Jersey judge and prosecutor find themselves prosecuted in court turn-around 18th August
Nude sunbathers sentenced to eight days’ hard labour 6th August
Same-sex marriage becomes legal 1st July
Jersey re-thinks its laws on treason 4th June
A marriage mix-up means marrying twice 19th May
Potato diggers start work but end up in court 18th May
A ship’s captain broke the law… or did he?
Civil partnerships are legalised 2nd April
Campaign for the governor’s arrest 26th March
St Helier gunman is sentenced to death 20th March
Jersey’s courts are criticised for leaving a man in limbo 18th February
Jersey courts ponder accountant’s extradition 9th February
Courts decide who owns St Aubin’s railway 6th February