Jersey was struck by both a hurricane and an earthquake in September. It was also the month that Channel Television went on air for the first time, the BBC broadcast the first edition of its local news programme, Spotlight, and Freemont Tower transmitted its first signals to the Channel Islands.

Construction of the Gorey branch of Jersey’s incomplete (and never completed) railway network began, on which a soldier would tragically lose his life, again in a September, when picking track-side flowers from a moving train.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert paid Jersey an official visit during the month and were surprised at how good a view they got of the French coast. That visit was commemorated several years later when, in the same month, Victoria College, which was named in the Queen’s honour, enrolled its first students.

But September is also the month in which we should remember someone who has done more than most to promote the island and bolster its exports: Hugh de la Haye, who discovered the Jersey Royal potato, died on the second of the month.


Also in September…

Channel Television takes to the air 1st
Freemont Point transmitting station opens
The first grower of Jersey Royal potatoes dies 2nd
Queen Victoria visits Jersey
Jersey lifeboat rescues a French yacht 3rd
Jersey Airways suffers fourth mishap in 11 days 4th
Journalist George William de Carteret dies
Sportsman and soldier Robert Copland-Crawford is born 5th
The Times editor dies in a Jersey nursing home 6th
The first meeting of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society 7th
Lee Wilson, Gerald Durrell’s wife and co-author, is born
The Beast of Jersey loses his appeal 8th
A young girl is stabbed to death 9th
Site for Springfield Stadium is selected 10th
Composer Gerald Le Feuvre is born 11th
Jersey is struck by a hurricane 12th
Jersey Airways plane crashes in a field
Soldier is killed picking flowers from a train 13th
Medals for a brave lifeboat crew
Jersey police chief’s son campaigns for killer’s reprieve
Graeme le Saux champions Gerald Durrell 14th
Jersey girl is killed by a slamming door 15th
Men are killed by an exploding threshing machine 16th
Girl dies of neglect at a Jersey hospital
Construction of Gorey Railway begins 17th
Vickers Viscount aircraft crashes at Jersey Airport
Jersey lifeboat crew rescues stricken yacht 18th
King killer Gilbert Millington dies at Mont Orgueil 19th
The mail packet ‘Express’ is wrecked 20th
Jersey man gives evidence at Belsen concentration camp trial
Inquest launched into another Jersey railway death 21st
Writer Philippe Langlois is born 22nd
Death of the Jersey-born ‘it’ girl 23rd
The Superb is wrecked on Minquiers 24th
Normandie 3 starts delivering power to Jersey
Jersey is shaken by an earthquake 25th
The first Branchage film festival opens
Jersey man dies 10 days after a fight 26th
Local priests campaign to declare a man insane 27th
“Let ’em starve,” says Churchill
London solicitor appears in Jersey court for non-payment of bill 28th
A Jersey murderer is transported for life 29th
Jersey’s Victoria College opens for the first time
First cat to fly from Jersey finds fame
St Helier Weybridge station closes 30th
The BBC broadcasts first edition of Spotlight