A Portuguese woman was banished from Jersey during the 1960s for being an unmarried mother despite having widespread support from her employer and others in Jersey who offered to marry her if it meant she could stay. June was also the month in which a woman who was old enough to make her own decisions was returned to her parents because they disagreed with her choice of lover.

Several famous people died in Jersey in June, including a Jerseyman who worked out how to make bread from air, holiday camp pioneer Billy Butlin, and Jesse Boot, heir of the Boots the chemist empire. Although Jesse Boot had family roots in Jersey, Butlin had sought refuge in the island from the British government’s high tax rates. Another man who found refuge in Jersey was General de Gaulle – briefly – when he stopped at the airport for lunch when fleeing France in advance of the German invasion.

Jersey also had many reasons to celebrate during June in years gone by. It received no less than three royal visits and produced a £100 note to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee. It was a month of firsts, too, with Corbiere Lighthouse being lit for the first time, the Odeon cinema’s art deco building hosting its first film screening, and the Jersey Evening Post publishing its very first edition.

Britain demilitarised Jersey and the other Channel Islands, in advance of the Germans’ arrival, but didn’t inform Germany itself, resulting in a Luftwaffe bombing raid on St Helier that cost several local lives.


Also in June…

A priest is accused of infanticide 1st
Colorado beetle arrives in Jersey
Jersey issues £100 notes
Odeon cinema opens for the first time 2nd
Corbière Lighthouse is used for the first time 3rd
Jersey Heritage is officially registered
Jersey re-thinks its laws on treason 4th
Building work starts on St Aubin on the Hill
Plane catches fire on take-off from Jersey 5th
Missing woman case’s happy ending… for some 6th
The king and queen’s liberation visit 7th
Comedian Will Smith is born 8th
Murder suspect is remanded in custody 9th
Arsonist is arrested after being burned by his own fire 10th
Mormon pioneer Caroline LeSueur is born 11th
Holiday pioneer Billy Butlin dies in Jersey 12th
Jesse Boot, of Boots chemist, dies in Jersey 13th
Laura Kennington completes three-island triathlon
French fishermen occupy Minquiers 14th
A Belgian airman is killed over Jersey
Jersey is struck by two big fires 15th
A flotilla of Jersey boats sets sail for Dunkirk 16th
A passenger plane is written off at Jersey Airport
General de Gaulle has lunch in Jersey while fleeing France 17th
Sure is founded as the States Telephone Department
Batterie Moltke’s namesake dies 18th
Demilitarisation of Jersey begins 19th
The Royal Militia leaves Fort Regent 20th
The present States Chamber is opened 21st
Haut de la Garenne accepts its first boys 22nd
Princess Elizabeth visits Jersey
Jersey refugee Hedy Bercu is born 23rd
Jersey sides with England, rather than France 24th
Superior Council is established to guide Jersey through the Occupation
Victoria College’s first headmaster is born 25th
Princess Margaret visits Jersey
Mother is banished from Jersey for being unmarried
Jersey man who made bread from air dies 26th
Queen Elizabeth II visits Jersey… again 27th
German planes attack St Helier 28th
Three French men escape to Jersey 29th
The Jersey Evening Post is founded 30th