Television channels try to make a splash at Christmas. Thus, Jersey has dominated the festive schedules not once but twice. It was the month in which long-running BBC detective drama Bergerac came to an end after more than a decade on air, with its final episode being a cornerstone of the BBC boxing day schedule; and it was also the month in which ITV broadcast a drama filmed at Hamptonne, starring Keeley Hawes.

It’s been a month of high drama in other ways, too, with a motorist killed on a Jersey Railway level crossing, a man on a ladder being shot in the buttocks, and Jersey and her neighbours being shaken by a strong earthquake, which sent locals running for their lives.

Jersey and Guernsey’s newspapers agreed to merge in the hope of sharing ongoing costs and the States of Jersey bought Springfield Stadium after the site was put up for sale and it looked, for a while, like it might have been developed for housing. Thus, it was saved for the future enjoyment of everyone on the island.

Jersey Airways was founded and, after years of invasions and disagreements, Britain asked the International Court for a definitive ruling on who owned Minquiers. The court ruled in Jersey’s favour. Many years later, when Jersey was finally awarded its own flag, it could finally hoist it above the reef and claim the rocks as its own sovereign property.


Also in December…

Jersey holds its first election by secret ballot 1st
Channel Island cargo ships collide 2nd
Poet and jurat Augustus Asplet Le Gros dies 3rd
The States receives bad news about Queen’s Valley reservoir plan 4th
Victoria College headmaster tried for beating boy 5th
Who owns Minquiers, Britain asks International Court 6th
263 Squadron bomber is shot down at St Brelade 7th
Jersey elects first woman to States Assembly 8th
Photographer Claude Cahun dies in St Helier
Passenger plane springs a leak on flight to Jersey
Jersey Airways is founded 9th
States of Jersey buys Springfield Stadium
Jersey and Guernsey papers agree to merge
Jersey is granted its own flag 10th
Author and Chinese army chief William Mesny dies 11th
An unknown man is arrested in Jersey 12th
Militiaman dies after he’s thrown from his horse 13th
Jersey lifeboat crew performs a daring rescue 14th
Elizabeth Castle is bombed into submission 15th
Lifeboat rescues crew after mine strike
Jersey-born Commissioner of Singapore dies
Occupation author Michael Ginns is born 16th
TV naturalist wades into seagull row 17th
Occupation government head, Alexander Coutanche, dies 18th
Police reveals theft of Jersey’s war achives
Jersey’s German post delivered 71 years late 19th
Old-school pornographer is sentenced to hard labour 20th
Man dies after being shot in the buttocks 21st
Maurice Gould is deported to Europe
An earthquake shakes the Channel Islands 22nd
John Pinel stands trial for abduction 23rd
A motorist is killed on a Jersey level crossing 24th
Christmas Eve plane crash at Jersey Airport
Seigneur proves to be a real-life Scrooge 25th
Parishioners break into belfry demanding to hear bells
Last ever episode of Bergerac is broadcast 26th
ITV broadcasts drama filmed at Hamptonne
Seneca sinks off the Jersey coast 27th
Operation Hardtack targets the Channel Islands 28th
St Helier brought to a standstill by 600 mourners 29th
Father Clifford Cohu is born 30th
SS Vega reaches starving Jersey 31st
Finnish au pair is murdered in St Clement