This wasn’t a good month for Jersey air passengers, with one plane being washed into the sea while taking off and another being driven into a wall, killing two boys who had been watching it. Another couple of planes were delayed by hoax bomb threats, with one of them even turning back on its flight to the island.

But there was better news at Jersey Zoo, when a young boy fell into the gorilla enclosure and was looked after by the gorillas’ leader, who kept away the rest of the pack.

This was the month in which Jersey Railway ran its first services from St Helier to Corbiere, and also the month in which the telephone line between Jersey and the mainland was finally inaugurated, only for it to be cut off again less than a year later by German troops as the occupation began.


Also in August…

The telephone line between Jersey and the mainland is inaugurated 1st
Jersey’s Bitcoin fund is launched
Jersey court sentences sailor to be lashed 2nd
Two parachute deaths in two days
Parliament debates Jersey’s treatment of prisoners of war 3rd
The National Trust for Jersey holds its first formal meeting
The wreckage of the Cloud of Iona is found 4th
Victor Hugo flees France and heads for Jersey 5th
Law Lord who oversaw Channel Island refugees is born
First direct rail services link St Helier to Corbière
Nude sunbathers sentenced to eight days’ hard labour 6th
Pilot killed in private plane crash
Napoleon lays into Jersey in the French press 7th
St Helier burned by a huge fire
Gerald Durrell features on Desert Island Discs
Jersey Bulls FC is formed
Dennis Leister is deported from Jersey 8th
The Beatles tour Jersey and Guernsey
The first Battle of Flowers takes place 9th
The first Earl of Jersey to live in Jersey dies in Jersey
Man sentenced to hang for murder 10th
Jersey-set film The Others is released
Jersey fugitive kills a man 11th
Dolmen discovered on Le Mont de la Ville 12th
Painter John Everett Millais dies 13th
Jersey declares a state of emergency 14th
ITV broadcasts final episode of Island at War 15th
Man held on St Helier stabbing charge
Divers move 70 primed bombs 16th
Parliament commends Jersey’s wartime conduct 17th
Jersey judge and prosecutor find themselves prosecuted in court turn-around 18th
Soldier kills colleague with a scrubbing brush
Curious bottles wash up on Jersey’s beaches
Jersey plane makes bomb threat detour 19th
Two men drown at St Ouen’s bay 20th
Jèrriais author Philippe Le Sueur Mourant dies 21st
Funeral for a scout killed in Jersey
Bailiff Philippe de Carteret II dies 22nd
The Rolling Stones play St Helier
Explorer Major General Edward Thompson Dickson dies 23rd
Jersey men are permitted to marry their dead wives’ sisters 24th
Plane is washed into the sea during Jersey take-off
Boys are hit by a plane on Jersey beach 25th
Jersey’s military government is dissolved
The first aircraft lands in Jersey 26th
A labourer is killed by lightning
Artist Edmund Blampied dies
Work begins on St Helier harbour 27th
Four men are arrested after French government accusation 28th
Jersey man in court accused of bigamy
Pioneering human rights advocate John Lilburne dies 29th
Jersey holds elections during the Occupation 30th
The King of Patagonia invades Minquiers
Boy falls into Jersey Zoo gorilla enclosure 31st
Jersey swimmers set round-Guernsey record