9th July 1900

Jersey Opera House is opened

Jersey has had various opera houses and theatres over the years, many of which have been destroyed by fire. The Theatre Royal burned down in 1863 and was replaced in 1865 by the Royal Amphitheatre. That was renamed the Theatre Royal and Opera House, but burned down in 1899. It was replaced in 1900 with the Opera House, which was opened by Lillie Langtry on 9 July 1900, prior to it being finished. However, despite the fact that work still needed to be done, it staged its first play that same day: The Degenerates by Sydney Grundy, which starred Langtry herself.

Theatre and cinema

Designed by Sidney Cooper, the new theatre had a 40- by 60-foot stage and boxes for both the governor and bailiff, but as films became more popular it was converted for use as both a theatre and cinema, and badly damaged by fire in 1921. This led to a further closure for 12 months for renovations.

The Opera House went through a variety of owners until, in 1995, it was purchased by the States of Jersey for £1.3m, effectively guaranteeing its future for the enjoyment of everyone in the island.


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